Magazine: New Year Painting Notes

June 22, 2022

New Year paintings are a form of woodblock art that traces its origins back to ancient "door god paintings."

This book primarily delves into the origins of Chinese New Year paintings and their evolution.

Simultaneously, we introduce the use of halftone techniques to re-imagine traditional New Year paintings, infusing them with a fresh appeal.

This innovation aims to make the younger generation more receptive and fond of New Year paintings, all while preserving the retro charm.

The application of halftone techniques brings vibrancy and vitality to the colors of New Year paintings, striking a delicate balance between tradition and modern aesthetics.

New Year paintings have always been an integral part of Chinese cultural heritage, symbolizing people's good wishes and aspirations for a prosperous year ahead.

Through the skillful use of halftone techniques, we hope to preserve and promote this cultural tradition while allowing more people to resonate with it.

The younger generation can better understand and appreciate this precious artistic heritage through modernized treatment, making New Year paintings not just a gaze into history but also a beacon of hope for the future.
The purpose of this book is to provide readers with an opportunity to delve deep into the origins and transformation of Chinese New Year paintings, as well as how halftone techniques breathe new life into this traditional art form.