The Climate In Moscow

An infographic poster in A1 size.Poster mainly showing the weather change in Moscow during the year.

* Data from weather station: Moscow,Russia

My poster design is aimed at providing travelers planning to visit Moscow with essential information about the country's monthly weather variations.

The design encompasses data on factors such as monthly sunlight duration, sunlight intensity, air humidity, monthly rainfall, rainy days, and wind speed in different months of Moscow.

The intuitive presentation of these data helps travelers gain a better understanding of the changing seasons in Russia, enabling them to make better preparations for their journey.

By visualizing these key data in the infographic, travelers can easily identify the most suitable seasons for their trip, understand when to bring rain gear, how to cope with low or high temperatures, and how to plan their Moscow adventure during different seasons.

The purpose of this design is to offer travelers a useful guide to enhance their travel experience, making it more enjoyable, safe, and memorable."