Life Change


This publication is based on 100 years of changes in China.

It contains urban renewal and rebuilding of cities after earthquakes.

The book's layout primarily revolves around a black and white palette, carrying profound symbolism. Black signifies the past, documenting the lengthy history of urban metamorphosis and the adversities and challenges endured. White, on the other hand, represents love and hope, symbolizing the rebirth and the bright future that follows city reconstruction.

This stark contrast allows us to deeply sense the complexity of urban evolution and the resilience of the Chinese people in finding the power of love and hope amid adversity.

Through this book, we pay tribute to the resilience and resurgence of Chinese cities over the past century, showcasing the determination of the people and the rise of urban centers.

It's a narrative that embodies both the black and white of the past and the white of the future, unveiling the beauty and boundless potential of Chinese cities to the world. It's a story dedicated to conveying love and hope, a testament to the magnificent journey of the transformation of Chinese cities.