Book Mark

Bookmark: Twenty-Four Solar Terms
Date: May 13, 2022

A bookmark is a common tool in our daily lives, often used to mark reading habits. It is not just a page marker, it represents time.

On the back of this Twenty-Four Solar Terms bookmark is a unique feature the ability to record the time spent reading a book.

This bookmark is crafted based on China's ancient system of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms, a concept that challenges traditional Western calendar systems.
It reveals a unique way in which ancient China recorded agricultural activities based on the Earth's orbit around the sun.
The Twenty-Four Solar Terms is an extraordinary timekeeping system that reflects the profound connection between ancient Chinese people and nature.
This bookmark offers a novel way to understand time and seasons, bringing readers closer to the natural rhythms, ancient wisdom, and respect for the environment.
On the reverse side of the bookmark, you can record the time it takes to read a book, turning it into a symbol not just of reading habits, but also of the preciousness of time.

This bookmark is a finely crafted piece that blends culture, time, and reading into one, reminding us to cherish every moment.