24 Solar Terms Calendar

Date: May 13, 2022

The 24 Solar Terms calendar is a groundbreaking design that challenges traditional Western calendar systems. It is primarily inspired by how ancient Chinese people recorded the passage of a year, based on their deep understanding of the natural world.

In ancient China, agricultural activities were scheduled in accordance with climatic changes, and a year was divided into 24 distinct solar terms.

Each solar term spanned between 15 to 16 days, marking the subtle transitions between the seasons.

Design Thinking

This unique calendar captures the essence of these solar terms and their intimate connection with the changing seasons.

The color scheme of the calendar is derived from the natural shifts of China's four seasons, reflecting the vibrant and ever-changing tapestry of the environment.

Notably, the fonts have been redesigned, and the patterns are treated with halftone techniques, creating a calendar that seamlessly merges elements of the past with a modern aesthetic.

Typeface design

Chinese characters refer to the Chinese design of Chinese font designer Xiao Wu Zhang.

Number font design is based on designers Hamish muir and karel marel

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